Crepe – Your Go To Fabric

18-4-572x680 Crêpe or as is it often pronounced, crape is essentially a silk, cotton, or synthetic fabric with a distinctively ruffled yet crisp appearance. A rather absorbent fabric, crepe is often dyed into a plethora of colours and is even patterned with a wide array of bold and attractive prints. This amazing fabric can also be quite easily embroidered upon, embellished and even woven in order to create a numerous designs. It is for this reason, that this fabric has always ruled the world of traditional ethnic wear all across the world!

In fact, for its sheer versatility, crepe has now come to be used as a go-to fabric for a lot of western wear as well. Right from finding various trendy tops online, to getting your hand on crepe trousers online, you can find it spread across a wide variety of outfits, in the most stylish manner possible!

In India, it is mostly made using cotton, however rayon and polyester are also some of the materials that are twisted to form stretch crepe fabrics. While cotton gains points over other fabrics given it helps keep the heat at bay, both rayon as well as polyester crepe fabric gain their popularity owing to their affordability and the fashionable look. Almost all of these fabrics have been seamlessly used to create some of trendiest casual, ethnic as well formal office attires.

Thanks to the low maintenance requirement of this fabric, it has particularly gained popularity amongst professional women, who also seem to appreciate the distinctive look that it offers. Then again, it is one of those rare fabrics which can be accessorised almost as delicately or boldly as you’d like to and still resonate an inexplicable elegance! So, the next time you’re wearing a crepe top, you need not worry about carrying your chic metallic gold necklace or the stunning terracotta neckpiece that you find so attractive, because whatever it is that you wish to wear along, this wondrous fabric will always accentuate your splendour, unfailingly. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enhance your look with a pair of complementing heels!

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